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Find out how we’ve fuelled client growth by connecting brands to their target audiences online.

Link Building

We identified hundreds of relevant link opportunities from Government and NHS websites and devised an outreach campaign for Marie Curie to target them. These opportunities were shortlisted according to relevance, trust and ranking.

This campaign resulted in a significant increase in high-quality inbound links to the Marie Curie website from a range of respected websites.

Todd Doors logo

Local Search

Given the importance of local search to businesses with a high street presence, we developed a strategy to improve the performance of each of Todd Doors locations in local search results.

Within two months website traffic from Google Maps had risen by over 100%, leading to increased footfall and sales activity.

International SEO

Working with the Unilever digital marketing team, we led on a large international SEO project across several global Unilever web properties.

This project included auditing each website for SEO best practice and making recommendations to improve their international SEO performance.

All Secure Self Storage logo

Local Search

Working with the All Secure team, we optimised the Google Business Profiles for each of their locations which led to to a signifcant increase in search visibility and reputation, and a 100% increase in free traffic from Google’s local search results which contributed to an increase in average storage unit occupancy.

Website Development

Working with the HSBC website development team, we led on the SEO aspects during the build of HSBC’s new global website.

This work included detailing the best practice technical SEO requirements for the development team to follow, and ranking and content analysis to inform the navigation, structure and content of the new website.

Ferrari World logo

International Website Development & Launch

We worked with the client to develop their new website build. Our areas of influence included developing the new site structure, URL structure and planning the new content strategy.

On site go-live we implemented a comprehensive site redirect plan which resulted in a successful site launch which included retaining existing rankings and traffic volumes.

British Heart Foundation logo

Content Optimisation

Working with the British Heart Foundation content team, we identified existing content that was highly relevant, and had the potential to capture significantly more traffic. 

We then revised the content of each page to better match the search queries by identifying the areas of the page that needed to be developed to better answer each search query.

This work resulted in an average of a 150% increase in traffic to the revised pages.

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Reach Volunteering logo

Link Building

We identified hundreds of link opportunities for Reach Volunteering and devised an outreach campaign to target them.

The campaign resulted in scores of highly relevant new links from relevant, ranking existing content that was the major factor in a 150% increase in traffic.

British Heart Foundation logo

Structured Data for Events

We were asked to help ensure that one of the BHFs most iconic sporting events continued it’s domination of search results as a number of new competitors, and the increasing importance of Google search features, were threatening to reduce traffic and registrations.

Following a discovery analysis we identified links and structured data as the main opportunities for improvement. By building and implementing structured data and redirecting old event 404 pages we were able to take advantage of Google search features and regain top rankings for key search terms.

Reach Volunteering logo

Google Ads

We were asked to look at Reach’s Google Ad account as they had been having issues with impression share and a significant drop in Google Ad traffic for their key search terms.

We completely restructured their account with a resulting 100% increase in highly relevant Ads traffic with no increase in average click costs.

Website Development & Launch

We worked with the development and content teams that developed Carphone Warehouse’s first mobile responsive website.

The website tripled organic traffic in the first year and provided a solid platform for future website development and brand growth.

Wunderman logo

Content Strategy

We worked closely with Wunderman’s client to develop a comprehensive website structure and content strategy for their new website.

This work resulted in two major pieces of work: a) A detailed view of the website’s URL structure for the developers to work with, and b) a comprehensive content planning document for the content team to start developing content in a prioritised and structured way.

RICS logo

Performance Reporting

We built a comprehensive suite of reports enabling analysis of search issues and opportunities, issues and trends, which enabled us to identify low hangin fruit for future content development.

This work led to a comprehensive content strategy and roadmap for future content development.

Carphone Warehouse logo

Content Strategy

To own the complete customer journey we led the design and build of a series of landing pages targeting top phone repair search terms including iPhone, Samsung and phone (generic).

This project led to a 400% increase in search traffic to the Carphone Warehouse website for phone repair related topics.

Relish logo

Website Development

We worked with Relish during their website build to develop and implement their website launch search optimisation strategy which covered their service landing pages as well as their content and PR strategies.

On launch the website successfully ranked at number one for the search term “relish”, against some major established websites who ranked for the condiment.

University of Law

On-page Optimisation

We were bought in when ULaw’s most important course dropped from first to third position, losing half its traffic. We made it our top priority to get the course back to first place in the rankings to get traffic flowing as quickly as possible .

Following a thorough assessment of all internal and external ranking factors, a wide range of activities were quickly implemented, including external and internal link building and extensive page content revisions, leading to the promotion of the page back to number one within two months.

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